The Art of Resourcefulness

The art of resourcefulness is a type of creativity. It’s the rare art form that comes from pairing “outside the box” thinking with fearlessness. It’s the ability to be in any situation, anywhere and take a good look at your environment; assessing and accessing the means to create true genius.

It doesn’t matter what you are given or what you have, it’s how you read the situation and intuit greatness. It’s the ability to read your circumstances and capitalize in any situation.

Resourcefulness is the grass roots of greatness. It’s a solid foundation built from the ground up with quality, care and creativity. It’s the heart of the matter; carefully using patience and time in allowing your creation to unfold in the moment without forcing it to go where it shouldn’t. It’s the art of the struggle used as a gift. It’s the pairing of limited resources with unlimited resourcefulness to create true greatness.

It’s the art of creating something from nothing and knowing that you couldn’t have a better start than where you’re at. It’s knowing that creative potential outlasts, out sells and out performs; rewarding us in the long run. It’s about knowing how to chart the long run and that where you’re at right now is a perfect place to start.

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