The Magic of Thinking Big

When life gets carried away, busy or difficult I constantly have to remind myself to ‘tune-up’ my thoughts and make sure I’ve made a ‘thought inventory’ list; assessing what I’m asking for in life or unconsciously setting. I ask myself when creating a new venture, art show or just where I want to be in life; “How big am I thinking?”

Resourcefulness is not about how much money you spend on a creative project or venture but rather how courageous and powerful our ideas are when setting it in motion. Sometimes we are afraid of asking for what we truly desire or lack the courage to think big because it involves change. However, I’m never disappointed from my thought results and now over the years, I’ve learned to be more discerning and open-minded with my requests and ideas. Make a list, put it away…nobody needs to know but you!

Here is a list of my favourite mentors over the years who have reminded me to think bigger: