Stored Potential

Creativity at it’s most powerful is when there is ‘stored potential energy‘ that is built up and then released as work. The ‘work’ is the creative output…a painting, a song, a poem, an architectural rendering, an idea, a book or a business. In order to for the creative output to be at its most powerful, the creator must consider what their potential energy is before they do their work.

Mr. Bob Advent was my funny and brilliant Physics 11 and 12 teacher who made physics interesting and fun. Most importantly, he conveyed the concepts of ‘potential’ in a way that could be understood and applied in the everyday world to high school students. Ever since high school, I’ve consciously applied the notions of stored potential to my creative endeavours by witnessing what actions in my life create the most powerful potential just before I release it as creative output.

Potential creates a vector field of forces or a “force field” around us which is one of our most powerful creative tools. Finding ways to amplify your stored potential before you release it into the force field is how we create powerful work. Understanding physics is some of the best homework a creator can do. May the force be with you.