Creative Leadership

Creative Leadership is one of the foremost emerging topics in business today because we are rediscovering as a society that the two are not separate entities, but aspects of the same animal. Here is a great interview of Sir Ken Robinson on “The Principles of Creative Leadership” in by Fastcompany. It’s an excellent example of why creativity is the number one issue in the minds of CEO’s everywhere and how we disengaged creativity from leadership somewhere down the line.

Creative Leadership is a unique opportunity to meld the big picture, idea generating right brain with the strategies and practical foresight of the left brain. Working together, they naturally generate and sustain creative leadership skills. From this perspective, one can’t imagine how the two ever became separated in the corporate world or our educational systems. Most fine art schools don’t teach business and most business schools don’t teach creativity and art so there is a huge disconnect in our society. Future generations need to be taught ‘Whole Brain” Creative Leadership strategies in order for our institutions and organizations to flourish.

Leadership is the art of creation and creation is about the art of leadership.


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