Communicating a Vision

Communicating a vision is essential for clarity in any effective team environment. Without clear and concise descriptions, translation is lost, creating the opposite effects of confusion and frustration.

How does one communicate their vision clearly to others? By outlining a detailed strategy.

Strategy is the Yin and Vision is the Yang in the “wholeness” of creation. Both are needed, both are essential. They are both susceptible to “Flow” and the magical unfolding of the universe. This is how the captain steers the boat. The vision is the big picture goals and ultimate manifestation; the strategy is the GPS directions on how to get there; but the actual steering, the driving, the living, the breathing of doing the work to get to that ultimate vision is the fine Art of Allowing.

The “Art of Allowing” is the actual process of Flow which takes Wisdom and Faith to execute well. This is the essential ingredient for Leadership. You must understand Flow to be a truly successful leader and for this one must be strong in Faith and Wisdom.

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