Pencil Sketches for Gramps – Tuscany

These two sketches are for my Great Uncle John Stinn. He’s one of the most inspirational people that I know and lives life to the fullest with his wife Carolyn. They tour and travel all over the world, ride their Harley Davidson around North America and spend lots of time on their hobbies. Uncle Johnny is a huge collector car buff so when he sent me a letter for the Pencil Sketches for Gramps show with a few photos instead of words, I had to smile. They suit him perfect!

The first sketch is one of his many restored collector vehicles (forgive me for not remembering the year and make!!) and the other sketch ordered was for the word “Tuscany” with images from their recent trip. It was Uncle John’s 70th birthday last year so I upgraded the Tuscany sketch to colour as one would when painting such a beautiful scene. Thanks for the contribution Uncle John and I hope you like your artwork.


Pencil Sketches for Gramps – Unlce John’s collector car

Pencil Sketches for Gramps – “Tuscany”

To view the entire Pencil Sketches for Gramps show click here.

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