Pencil Sketches for Gramps – Yin and Yang

Fran Harris is a dear family friend who sent in the words “Yin and Yang” for the Pencil Sketches for Gramps fundraiser back in January 2011. I was really excited about this one and right up to the day before I actually completed Fran’s order, I thought I knew exactly what I was going to do. But in an instant, inspiration struck and I listened to my gut.

I attended a few live drop in drawing sessions at the UBC Okanagan Fine Arts Building. We started with pencil sketch warm ups of 1 minute poses, then a few 5 and 10 minute poses. This particular image is a 10 minute pose by the model in which I used black charcoal and white conte on grey Canson paper. As soon as I finished the sketch, I knew it was “Yin and Yang” for Fran.  She was also one of the top 5 picked for an upgrade of her sketch…so thank you Fran for your support, kindness and wisdom.


To view the entire Pencil Sketches for Gramps show click here.

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