FLOW and Sustainable Community Development

Since 2004, I’ve had the honour of sitting on the Canada Research Chair Board for Sustainability Community Development with Dr. Ann Dale. Last year in Ottawa, Ann had each of the board members speak on video camera about Sustainability from their own personal and professional specialty. She calls them Head Talks and started posting them on the CRC You Tube site. Being the Artist, my vantage point was on Creativity and Flow. You can watch the video of my interview at the bottom of this post!

Being a huge fan of Dan Goleman’s work in the Emotional Intelligence field, I found his next book on Social Intelligence and Mirror Neurons to be right up my alley along with Dr. Norman Doidge’s “The Brain that Changes Itself.” The premise being that we are all feedback loops with our environment and these are the cells that facilitate the process.

As part of my creative process, I am keenly aware of my environment that is within and outside of me in order to be balanced and sustainable in manifesting my creations. When I’m scattered and flustered so is my office, my house and my life…when I’m balanced and sustainable on the inside so are the products of my existence. Not everything is within my control but when you understand what you are in control of in your life and what you can’t control, the experience of creation is powerful because it flows with power and ease.

Inner sustainability is essential for outer sustainability to manifest in our world. We make a difference on the outside by working on the inside first for the greater good of the whole. Sustainability is balance, balance is harmony.


Here is the video interview from the CRC Head Talk on Creativity and Sustainability:

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