The Wilderness Years of Steve Jobs

Great insight in this Fast Company article from April 17th, “The Lost Tapes of Steve Jobs” by Brent Schlender. In the path of a creative person, especially a serial entrepreneur like Jobs…there are ebbs and flows in the creative process.

The beauty of this article is the raw look of exactly what happened in the 1985-1996 hiatus from Apple in Steve Jobs life. One can see the struggle, the fight, the learning lessons and perceived mistakes that were the gold nugget creations for his future success. More importantly, you see how Jobs had to start managing creative talent and artists from Pixar which possibly aided him to his greatest insights…the understanding of the Creative Class which would become his future target audience. Nothing could have set him up better for future success than these experiences and perceived “failures”.

Unleashing and tapping into the worlds fastest growing demographic is how I believe Apple tapped into its gold mine and still does!! If you don’t understand this demographic in your business, your missing out on the largest shift this world has ever seen… and it’s no fad by any means. Social media sites like Pinterest are about beautiful images and cool photos…not everyone can create the emotional response that makes this site so viral. The artists and creatives have this skill and talent for sharing beauty and their emotions and it’s taking over sites like Twitter FAST!!!

Thank goodness for the “Wilderness Years” of Steve Jobs so he could get into the mind-set of how to manage his creative employees and tap into the minds of the creative class that would catapult the future success of Apple products.


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