The Power of Ideas

Ideas have a weight to them, physically and energetically. The bigger the idea you take on, the healthier you need to be in order to carry that weight so it doesn’t crush you with it’s enormity.

Preparing for a business start-up of any kind takes some pre-prep in other areas of life besides the coveted business plan such as getting healthy and in shape before you head into action. To be truly effective and make the difference you set out to achieve, you need to look at your overall health: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to prepare your yourself for battle. Failure to do so causes stand stills, physical collapse, anxiety, overwhelm and negative legacies.

Eliminate toxins from your life, nourish your body with high frequency nutrition and get energy flowing and pumping through the body by exercising and releasing blockages. Balance your brain with stillness, presence and sharp intellect. Balance your emotions with acceptance, boundaries and passion. Finally, before you embark on any life journey that you want to go in a positive direction, you have to learn how to listen to your own intuition by paying attention to gut feelings, reading synchronicities and the flow of your life. These are the true clues and opportunities  that will keep you walking down the path of your authentic life purpose.


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