Artist + Business = Entrepreneur

The Art of Resourcefulness bridges the left and right brain ways of thinking and living. Whole brain, whole person thoughts and actions are essential elements of successful business creation.

If you don’t understand how to balance your brain and your body, you will never realize your full creative potential. This is important to anyone wanting to be an innovator, creator or entrepreneur. Going out on a limb to “Do it Yourself” means you better be at your best because what you create is reflected in who you are and how you operate in life.

Starting a business will be the biggest financial risk in most peoples lifetime. Don’t you want to make sure that you’ve studied and gained the optimal mindset and skill base to be confident in the riskiest financial decision of your life?

The Art of Resourcefulness is the way of the peaceful entrepreneur because they are balanced. It’s about combining the mindsets of the artist with the business strategist to create the ultimate foundation for success. It took me over 14 years of combining art and business in my own personal life to learn these lessons and finally see the magic that happens when you go forward balancing the left and the right brain. In this blog, I will share these results and examples of successful resourcefulness and some creativity secrets with you. I hope it serves you well.


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