4 Roles of Leadership

Tonight I read a post from Marci Shimoff talking about the TV show ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ On Monday nights, this dancing show rakes in 24 million viewers topped only by American Idol’s singing program which at it’s 2005 second season peak averaged 30 million viewers per episode. Since 2006 when CSI dropped off the scene as the second most watched television viewership, singing and dancing have reigned the modern television media in this decade.

Marci says that the reason for this is the formula for happiness which she attributes to her “4 M’s of Happiness”: Mindset, Meaning, Movement and Membership

She says it’s about being optimistic and positive, grateful, inspired and meaningful purpose, movement of the body, outdoors and fresh air, and connecting with others who share your values.

Stephen Covey calls the same things the 4 Roles of Leadership: Vision (Pathfinding), Passion (Empowering), Discipline (Aligning) and Conscience (Modeling). He says that in Pathfinding we use our MIND (IQ), in Empowering we use the HEART (EQ), by Aligning we are using the BODY (PQ) and in Modeling we use SPIRIT (SQ) all to build trust and inspire greatness by unleashing human potential. When we falter on any of these components, we settle for mediocrity and lose our voice.


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