Why is Resourcefulness Important?

Resourcefulness is a perspective. How you see the world is how you live it. Being happy where you’re at is the only way to raise your frequency and change your perspective.

Resourcefulness is about being happy where you’re at. It’s the ability to see possibility and opportunity during times of struggle and limited resources. It is the “PUSH” factor or Exit Velocity needed to launch an idea off the ground with such force that it actually makes orbit. It’s the combination of intuition, strategy, vision and passion that hits the home run. Each one is a physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual component of the resourcefulness formula. These four essential ingredients are the successful combination of “WHOLE” systems thinking. Everything on this planet is made up of these four components. A winning book or business, a mind blowing musical or theatre performance and the successful human being.

Resourcefulness is a complete perspective that enables us to read the physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual components of our world. It’s the process of patience in life that allows us to accept the small wins or losses that are guiding us and preparing us for the bigger picture. Failure to accept, acknowledge and grow from these trials and tribulations will lead you down the confusing and frustrating road to nowhere. To accept  and acknowledge our life process builds patience, resilience and stamina which are part of the necessary skill set for playing big. Failure to grow these abilities will lead to an even tougher road ahead. It’s not easy and that’s why not everybody can be an entrepreneur and even fewer will be able to play BIG.


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