Pencil Sketches for Gramps – JOY

For my Pencil Sketches for Gramps show release I’m focusing on the word joy. This seems timely for the 2nd day of Spring when everything comes alive. That energy feels like a lot of JOY to me. There were 5 people who asked me to sketch the word JOY…I’ve already released one in a previous post , here are 3 more and I have more yet to draw!

The first sketch of joy below was requested by one of my old business profs, Mr Eric Morse. I tried to find a correlation with joy and my experience at UVic with Eric as a professor and then it hopped into my mind. I had to sketch a rabbit for him. I personally love rabbits, (always have…I think it’s secretly one of the main reasons I chose to go to UVic in the first place.) Eric was an inspiring teacher and I loved his quotes that started every slide presentation and his teachings on vision, mission and strategy in entrepreneurship. Thanks for your continued support Eric, I hope you enjoyed your sketch.

The next sketch of joy is a Bluebird on a fencepost for my friend Stephanie Geehan in Victoria BC or as I also like to call her, Triple Threat. She sings, dances and acts with pizazz and grace. She is truly talented and her joy reminds me of this bright, beautiful bluebird calling out it’s song of joy on a spring day. Thanks for taking part in the sketches show Stephanie!

My final release of joy is a hummingbird from the yard this year for my friend Mike Litchfield’s Stepmom, Laurie. When I was contemplating the sketch for Laurie, we had at least 50 -70 hummingbirds a day in our yard and they truly represent JOY whenever you see once of these delicate and colourful birds. Thanks again Laurie for taking part in the cause for Gramps and I hope you liked your sketch!

With Gratitude,


To view the entire Pencil Sketches for Gramps show click here.

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