Effective Communication

Effective Communication is essential to any visionary or leadership role. This is difficult because it’s hard work  and takes a lot of “presence” to understand others in order to know what form of communication works best for their personality type. Presence is being “in the now” which is 100% attuned to the other individual. In order to truly be present it means you have to CARE about what they have to say. This is the true art of listening. True listening has levels of love involved.

Articulation is key. Everyone needs and wants to be understood. It’s important for healing and moving forward in growth, benefiting us in the bigger picture. In your ability to help others understand you (aka – speaking your truth or being authentic), you are then able to clarify your message to the world so more will understand what you see (your point of view, your perception).

My unique life experience has given me a unique point of view. This is why some things are common sense to  me and I can’t understand why others don’t understand. I need to articulate what I’m saying/communicating so I can be effective in sharing my message.


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