Biomimicry as Strategy

Not sure if you’ve ever heard of Biomimicry and Bio-Dynamic Farming but they are both about creating with nature in mind and following the seasons/moon cycles for food cultivation and product development. Biomimicry was used by the company 3M to make the glue for the sticky notes by studying the nature of Gecko’s and what the substance was that made them stick. It’s about looking at the perfection of nature in order to create better man-made products because nature is perfect already.

(For more on Biomimicry check out the video at this site.)

With that said, businesses that follow this ‘nature’ approach for their strategy and treat their start-up development like they are planting a seed know that there are times to plant or sow the seeds (Spring); time to just water them and give them light and love so they can grow (Summer); time to harvest the mature plants for consumption (Fall) and then a time to let the land rest and be fallow in order to gain strength for the following season (Winter).

I also do this when I’m setting my life intentions or strategy each year. In the spring, usually around the new moon in March (March 22nd in 2012), I plant my seeds (ideas) so that they will be allowed to grow in the coming year. This is when I set my intentions by writing them down and making my “wishes” for the upcoming year then I put them away in an envelope and never open it up again until the next year. They are nurtured by the seasons of my life. The spring rain, the summer sunshine and the fall harvest. It’s an amazing cycle and one that if you actually have the courage to ask for what you really want and then let it go and allow…yields an amazing harvest.

It works best if the seeds are fed as much love and light as possible throughout the year. I do it every year, and every year I am magically and happily surprised by the results. Try it out,…no one else will know but you and if it doesn’t work you can say “I told you so” but if it does…that would be pretty cool!!



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