Danielle LaPorte (White Hot Truth) has a Burning Question series asking “What do you want to revolutionize?”

Is it too big a question to ask to revolutionize the world in it’s entirety? Is a single niche good enough or even just the powerful effect of focusing on revolutionizing your own life?

I believe it’s possible to revolutionize the world in one lifetime. Clarity of a path was illuminated. Perhaps it’s my purpose or maybe it’s because I asked (be careful what you ask for!) but I see a way to revolutionize the world in one shot. In spiritual circles this would be called “raising the consciousness of humanity” in one mass shift and it is done through one vehicle and one vehicle only – Connection. What is connection?

Connection is a form of communication which is done through the heart. The rational thinking has been done to back it all up. From Daniel Goleman’s work on Social and Emotional Intelligence, to Greg Brayden’s “Science of Miracles”, Stephen Covey’s “8th Habit” focusing on the Whole Person Paradigm, Dr. Norman Doidge’s “The Brain that Changes itself”, The Heartmath Institute, Dr. Masaro Emoto’s work with water atoms, Dr. Bruce Lipton’s “The Biology of Belief” and Adam MaCleod’s Dreamhealer work. The list goes on and on….

When our form of communication reaches the heart and mind of others, you have created a resonance which is called understanding. This is a marriage of the left and right brain in your message, the intuitive and the rational. This is called Whole Brain processing (read Dan Pink’s A Whole New Mind). Combine Whole Brain thinking with Stephen Covey’s “Whole Person Paradigm” of Intellectual Intelligence (IQ), Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Physical Intelligence (PQ) and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) and we can create a paradigm shift of WHOLENESS. This would be us acting in our entirety as full and complete human beings.

What is Wholeness? It’s balance, it’s sustainability, it’s the ancient symbol of Yin and Yang. It’s the ancient terms that are still used today: Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. When you are not operating ‘whole’, you are not balanced. Something, somewhere is disconnected. This is why we have to re-connect. Once again…the key lies in Connection. Connection is how we revolutionize the world.

That’s my answer to your burning question Danielle! Go for it…because Creativity is Co-Creation and this is done through Connection. You’re doing it already with your White Hot Truth.


One thought on “Revolutionize

  1. I also answered this question with “Connection…” Revolution starts with one… being aware… of starting somewhere… I love that tracking down what others answered led me to your blog! Beautiful answer!

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