Love – Pencil Sketches for Gramps

It’s the day of LOVE on February 14th and very fitting to release two more of the sketches from the Pencil Sketches for Gramps fundraiser with this word in mind.  It really does amaze me how fitting each word is to the person who sent it.

This first piece of ‘love’ was a word sent in from Joan Christman of Quesnel BC. Joan is always a bundle of joy and her bounty of love for her family is gigantic. She also loves her garden so my inspiration for her piece was a branch of Bleeding Hearts that seemed to constantly pour out love in the garden.

The second piece of ‘love’ below is for my friend Sarah Pendray. Sarah is one of the coolest ladies I know and has the heart and courage to be a 4th generation dairy farmer on Vancouver Island called Pendray Farms and she is good at what she does! I had to do a sketch of cows for her and when I saw this moment captured between two cows at the local Armstrong Fair…I realized that it was a showing of love for Sarah. Thank you soo much Joan and Sarah for taking part in this fundraiser and I am grateful for your loving words.


To view the entire Pencil Sketches for Gramps show click here.

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