The Connection Revolution

Here are a few ideas from Success Magazine’s Darren Hardy interviewing marketing sensation Seth Godin about the “Opportunity of Weird” (full interview posted below)

Traditional means of marketing and advertising are dead. Today is all about special order, individuality and selling what no one else will sell to a niche market.

Marketing is your perspective on who the market IS, it’s not the advertising part. The TV was built for advertisers but the internet doesn’t care. The status quo has been disrupted. This is the “Connection Revolution” and the difference between the Industrial Revolution and the Connection Revolution is that you don’t need money to start. The Connection Revolution is about the Art of Resourcefulness.

Most people don’t want to be revolutionaries but the Connection Revolution is destroying the “perfect industries” of yesterday and enabling the impossible. Ideas are being spread from person to person like a virus and the top down approach of authority is losing power as a means of making ideas happen.

Remarkable and outrageous means doing the hard work of making a great product or service and having it be something that speaks for itself. Outrageous is not obnoxious. Outrageous takes courage, heart and authenticity. The new marketing is about ‘get rich slow’ and no longer about selling average stuff to average people. Take a listen!!


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