The Art of Moneyball

If you saw the movie Moneyball and truly understood the deeper meaning of the movie, then you’ll get this blog.

The Art of Resourcefulness is the message of Moneyball. It’s the message of thinking differently, of pioneering something that you believe in deeply and going up against the crowd who can’t see what you see yet, but through your struggle, your determination and your passion…they will, even if the message is in disguise.

The Art of Resourcefulness is about hitting the home run when you didn’t even know you hit the ball out of the park. It’s about trusting your intuition and playing a different kind of ball game because your resources were limited and you had to. There was no other way to play but for everything because there was nothing and everything to lose.

The Art of Resourcefulness succeeds because the goal was to create a game changer.  Game changers are the Internet, Facebook, Google Search Engines and You Tube. They transform lives and give the people unlimited access and freedom to learn, share and grow information that was never possible before without being filtered by another source first. For the first time in history we have information sharing straight from one source to another. Are you open to seeing the next game changer? Do you have the courage to be a game changer?

A home run is a combination of strategy and vision, of right and left brains, of balancing the art and the science. We balance within so we can create it on the outside and power that combination with passion and faith in yourself, your purpose and your gift to humanity. This is how you live life as a whole person. This is how you play ball.


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