The 5 Arts of Resourcefulness

The common denominator between the most successful people on the planet is one thing: Resourcefulness.

When Steve Jobs and Bill Gates started out in the their basements, they had to be resourceful. When their friends and family yelled at them to get a job they had to believe in their resourcefulness. They struggled when they were told that their ideas were stupid. They had to struggle a little bit more to communicate their vision with others who couldn’t see yet. They had to push even harder when connection with the world about their ideas and creations was the next step.  And when they had nothing left but faith in a vision that no one else could see…they needed compassion to understand others so they could keep going without being destroyed from within.

The greats had to make do with what they had until they had the ability to BE. They started from the ground up and pioneered their niche where no one else had charted a course. It took courage, passion, and the resilience to brave the struggle that would be necessary to build and create that which was not yet. They had a vision and in most cases not much else. The artists, creators, innovators and inventors of our time sail in unknown waters on a daily basis. They are brave captains of our future, re-defining our world with the slightest of hands.

How do I know this? Because mine is a story of struggle. Of being different, misunderstood and chastised for seeing what others haven’t. I know what its like to live the life of the artist, the innovator, the entrepreneur and the inventor. I know what its like to work through pain, fear, loss and financial struggle. I know what it takes to be in that place where you can see what nobody else sees, and still you must press on through the struggle with skills in connection, communication and compassion to reach success.

And not just any success…success of the greats, the masters, the pioneers of our future and visionaries of our time. The greatest creations from the most revered visionaries come from humbled beginnings. Why is that? What is it about being resourceful that catapults great ideas and minds to unheard of heights?

To understand the powerful notion of resourcefulness and its true heir to the throne of success, you have to look deeper into the five arts of resourcefulness:

  1. The Art of Creation
  2. The Art of Struggle
  3. The Art of Connection
  4. The Art of Communication
  5. The Art of Compassion

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