Pencil Sketches for Gramps – Balance and Joy

It seems appropriate that my first Pencil Sketches Post of 2012 would be “Balance” and “Joy”. These are intentions that I strive to set on a daily balance in order to stay on top of my creative game and life in general but it was an honour and very fitting to do this sketch for my good friends Mike and Corinne Litchfield.

Mike is a very intelligent and productive lawyer and teacher whose energy and accomplishments continue to blow my mind. At the core of everything he does, he reminds himself that balance is extremely important for his health and long term survival…in business and life. Corinne on the other hand made an amazing life decision to get out of the Chemistry Lab and into the kitchen lab of sugar and butter. She’s an amazing Pastry Chef and loves following her heart and her passion. Their sketch was this beautiful Heron standing on one leg on a rock…to me, Heron has always symbolized self-awareness which is an essential key to creating balance and inner sustainability.

The word “Bird” came from Mike’s Father and Step-Mother Laurie. On the same theme of bird symbolism, I drew the Hummingbird which has always been the bearer of Joy for me. This word was perfect for Laurie and her personality!

So here’s to balance and joy in what I’m sure will become a very exciting and eventful year.
To view the entire Pencil Sketches for Gramps show click here.

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