Your Values are Your Gravy Train

Your values steer your gravy train. Love bombs are the foundation of my creative process.The bigger a “love bomb” that I drop, the more powerful and higher up the rung of possible potential for the highest and greatest good my creations are.

The power and quality of your manifestation abilities are directly correlated with your resonance/frequency and your passion. If you are manifesting on a daily basis (ie. your life)…then don’t you think you should know how you’re directing it? Is it conscious, thought out intentions or are you the victim of your subconscious?

Set the intention. Plant the idea. Nourish it with physical nutrients. Beam light on it. Watch it grow. Plants grown with love are the best quality , best taste and highest vibration. High vibration=Resonance or Frequency.

Passion is the force at which you are propelling your intentions. The new CEO Entrepreneur will be very lucrative by not carrying the weight of these old monster organizations and will fly light by taking affiliate sales commissions.

Here’s to a prosperous and abundant 2012.




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