Pencil Sketches for Gramps – Curiousity, Strength and Spring

Curiousity, Strength and Spring were the three words chosen by Amy Raes in New Jersey for her Pencil Sketches for Gramps pieces. Knowing Amy and how perfectly these words supported her personality, I wanted to find matches in the natural world that would convey these traits.

For the word “Curiousity”, I had to sketch a Chipmunk. These cute little critters are running around my yard, over my feet and playfully chasing each other everyday and I couldn’t help feeling the joy and curiousity that they spread when I watch them. The word “Strength” was inspired by a pair Loons. They were mating in a dance that was amazing to watch…completely in tune with each other in a natural rhythm that couldn’t be anything else but the strength of love moving them.

My final image for “Spring” was a mother sheep with her lambs which is my favourite time of year for that very reason. I’ve had lambs born on my studio porch, under my car and in beautiful open fields and I can’t resist the beauty of these little miracles and the joy they bring each spring. Thank you Amy for all your support, kindness, curiousity and strength over the years and thank you for supporting Pencil Sketches for Gramps!!



To view the entire Pencil Sketches for Gramps show click here.

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