Your Mistakes Are Your Style

What makes you different and unique is also your “style” or competitive advantage as they say in the business world. As a creator, someone who builds companies, communities, writes books, computer code, music and blogs or draws and paints to make a future for yourself and others, you need to find your style. Your style is what makes what you do authentic, real and valuable…it’s what sets you apart from the crowd and competitors.

How do you develop a style? You don’t. You make mistakes by putting in the time, long hours and patience to build your skill set and then your style finds you. It just happens…you can’t copy it or force it.

Robert Genn, my absolute favourite mentor on creativity always says, “Go to your room and paint.” Go to your office, studio, workshop…pick up your tools and use them without fear or mistakes or failure. Find your unique style and competitive advantage by developing your skill set…putting in your “10,000 hours” and finding what makes you truly different.

To listen to Robert Genn’s Interview about this topic on Blog Talk Radio




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