A Different Perspective

Are you looking at the problem or are you looking for the solutions?

The Art of Resourcefulness is about a shift in perspective…from narrow or defeated to seeing a bigger picture and better more complete perspective.  When your perspective changes from focusing on the problem to focusing onto the possible solutions, a shift happens and the direction of your life charts a new course. A different perspective gives you options you hadn’t seen yet and didn’t know existed.

But the real question here is this: What IS perspective??

Perspective is the wavelength or frequency that you are resonating at. Like attracts like because it’s resonating on the same wavelength. Everything is energy, everything is formed of atoms that are continually vibrating. If you understand music you have learned the Law of Resonance…so the real question of self-awareness and thus perspective is actually “what is your vibration?”

Change your vibration and you change your perspective. Change your perspective and change the path you are on.



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